The premiere of the website

The premiere of the website

Warsaw, 19.11.2020

At the very beginning of my first blog, I wanted to thank you for reading these words. For me, this means that my website or one of the social profiles you found interested you to some extent. Due to this fact, I will try not to disappoint you and write something meaningfully and logically so that you do not have to wonder what’s came on ;-)

Of course, I will never be able to guarantee that what I write will be fully understood because each of us is different and brought up in completely different values, which I will not write about here, so I apologize in advance if I do not consciously offend someone’s feelings or somehow offend them. Certainly it will not be a deliberate action by me. I am always open to discuss all kinds of topics, so feel free to write to me, or even drop by my atelier to just chat :-)

As for the content that appears here, these will be my thoughts on fashion in the context of clothing, but as this term has dominated almost all spheres of our lives, I will probably go somewhere else ;-)

Today I would like to write to you that this day is special for me, not only because I am writing my first blog in my life, but most of all because after many months of pandemic hiccups, the first website of the introduced KayBi brand has been released.

I would also like to thank you very much today for many months of hard and patient work of all people involved in the preparation of the website. The order does not matter how I would put you all first :-*

My Fantastic Models: Marta Chomicz, Patrycja Sztyber, Jula Woźniakowska, Beata Woźniakowska, Agnieszka Kawaliło, Agnieszka Majchrzyk, Ania Skibińska, thank you for the amazing atmosphere at the sessions and great commitment, starting from getting up in the morning and ending with many hours of sessions, including walking sessions. Thanks to you, wonderful photos were created that are placed on the website.

Photographers for their wonderful eye, and these are: Magdalena Szwedkowicz-Kostrzewa, Dariusz Waszkiewicz and Piotr Ciuliński.

Great graphics: Sylwia Zagórska, Kasia Korabiusz and Ania Berdel, who prepared banners that are a great complement to the photos from the collection.

Łukasz Sawicki for the wonderful translation of the website into the English version, which reflects the atmosphere of my texts that are sometimes quite difficult to translate into English.

And finally to Alan Głodek for making this website in the highest quality while maintaining all standards that the website should have in terms of optimization and effectiveness. Additionally, the simultaneous reconciliation of an amazing amount of photo material with the right speed with which the website should load, so that you do not have to go to the toilet, make a coffee or whatever you prefer.

Also as a thank you to everyone who will look here and not only, I organized a competition in which you can win three dresses to choose from. To take part in the competition, it is enough to:

  1. Like the profile
  2. Write in the comment “WHERE AND WHY WILL I WEAR THIS DRESS”. The photo shows three dresses: Black & White, Kapitanka and Lady in Red. Detailed information about the models can be found here: The Participant may choose only one dress model and if he wins the Competition, the dress he describes will be the prize.
  3. Invite at least three people to participate in the Competition, marking them in the comment next to “WHERE AND WHY I WILL DRESS THIS DRESS”.
  4. Share information about the Competition by sharing the post in your report.
  5. The most creative and tailored to the nature of the dress answer is the winner.

The competition rules are here: “WHERE AND WHY WILL I WEAR THIS DRESS”

Have fun and look forward to your ideas and contact with You :-)


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