I cordially invite you to watch the series of films on my Total Look channel with KayBi.

I will present a number of practical tips on styling clothes and matching them to the body in such a way as to bring out all the advantages and effectively hide any shortcomings …

I dress women in emotions

I design for women who express themselves in a thoughtful way, consistent with their character and feelings that they want to share with the world at a given moment.

My mission is not to dress women but to dress them in their emotions, in what they feel best in, so that they can treat clothes as a second skin. Therefore, in the first place, I focus on comfort combined with sporty elegance, distinctive and diverse colors.

Also, the practical aspect is of great importance to me, therefore each model has several arrangement options and is suitable both for and after work, for a date, meeting with friends, club, cinema or theater.

My collections are characterized by humor, ease, sex appeal, perversity, originality, prudent and romantic classics with a hint of spice and elements of women’s and men’s fashion.

If, while reading these words, you can see yourself and your approach to fashion, I hope that you will decide to join the ranks of my satisfied customers. I also believe that you will feel that all models are designed with a heart especially for you.


Satin Sweety

KayBi Art

I create the KayBi Art collection from fabrics painted by myself. It is not a computer-created print, but a handicraft created like a painting on canvas...

50 Shades of KayBi

Apparently, up to 10 seconds we do first impression, it would be difficult to make it verbally. In such a short time, we look at the face, silhouette and face again. Why on the face?

Love is in the air

The LOVE IS IN THE AIR collection is dedicated to life in the city, which was slowly coming back to life after the lockdown. In order to get the right light...

Be with Nature

Be with Nature by KayBi is a Limited Edition — as usual — high quality multifunctional collection created and produced in Poland with respect for Mother Nature's rights. It was inspired by recent events...

Love of colors

Love of Colours is a collection for ladies who are 18+ years of age who always act boldly, bravely facing all challenges. The dress will be their natural complement...

The Za mundurem panny sznurem

ZA MUNDUREM PANNY SZNUREM (UNIFORMS HAVE WOMEN STREAMING) is a collection emphasising the change of classic roles of women and men, so it is a bit feminine and a bit masculine. At that time I was not so much impressed by him as by his beautiful ceremonial uniform...

Something is sewing here

Jeśli pragniesz mieć coś wyjątkowego, unikalnego i tylko Twojego a nie wiesz w czym będzie Ci dobrze. Chętnie pomogę Ci w wyborze odpowiedniej dla Ciebie kreacji, co więcej nawet ją dla Ciebie uszyję. Zapraszam Cię serdecznie do mojego Atelier przy ulicy Polki 7/44 w Warszawie.
Tutaj można zobaczyć jak powstają krok po kroku poszczególne modele i kolekcje.

Welcome to the world of KayBi!

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