Be with Nature by KayBi

Be with Nature by KayBi

Be with Nature by KayBi is a Limited Edition — as usual — high quality multifunctional collection created and produced in Poland with respect Mother Nature. It was inspired by recent events, as a result of which we have realised how important contact with Nature is for our lives and what influence each of us has on her condition. Being with Nature means not only enjoying her benefits, but above all taking care of her as a family member or another person. Spending time in beautiful outdoors does not only mean recreation or commemorating wonderful moments in photographs, but also picking up empty packaging and not only your own. Overcrowded bins do not mean that more bags can litter the space around them, because in this way we endanger the animals living there. If we were able to bring the packaging with its contents with us, we might as well take away when it’s empty and therefore lighter. This is our duty to Nature — to give her the respect she deserves for being able to be with her. If we change our behaviour, Nature will give us so much more in return. Our awareness of being with Nature is also about being a responsible consumer who, through his purchasing decisions, influences producers. Let us avoid plastic, let us not waste food and make sustainable purchases. Let us also save water, which even in a country such as Poland, with its geographical location, should not be wasted. Dear friends, the fate of Mother Nature is in our hands.

Be with Nature by KayBi is a collection of a colour that I invented, which I called the Chameleon perhaps because of the number of colours used in the production, both cold and warm mixed together. It has an amazing ability to change the colour shade depending on the light, the environment, but above all the colour of your hair, complexion or eyes. It is ideal for blondes, brunettes, the brown-haired, the red-haired and all of their intermediate tones because, like perfume, it suits every woman. The collection has one more very special feature; namely, thanks to the clever use of zippers it can change into completely different parts of your wardrobe. Thus, the sweatshirt turns into a short- or long-sleeved sweatshirt and skirt. The turtleneck tunic dress turns into a sweatshirt without the turtleneck but with a snood and a hairband, and the jacket is double-sided ;-)

Welcome to the world of KayBi!

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