The KayBi Capsule

The KayBi Capsule is a ready-made stylization that was created by combining models from various collections, Love of Colors through Angels love Black, Be with Nature by KayBi, Love is in the air and Gaudi. Such perfectly matched connections were possible thanks to the fact that in my collections I stick to the same set of colours and in some cases I use identical shades of colours. This is how Angels Love Black was created, sewn from an identical shade of black, Love is in the air from an identical shade of red.

Personally, I think that these two colorus are the most difficult in terms of combinations. If any of you tried to wear a black jacket with a black skirt or pants, each bought at a different time and place, you will surely agree with me. I really don’t know how many shades there can be black, but in some cases the differences are colossal. I am one of those colour purists who are bothered by it, but I also respect the idea that it may not matter to someone. As usual, everything is a matter of taste and as you know, being cultural, tastes are not discussed ;-)

However, returning to the Capsule, the stylizations selected in it are universal in terms of their purpose, you will find there ideas for a party, work or more or less active leisure.

The quintessence of the Capsule is Gaudi’s collection, which is the richest in terms of colours. The colorus used in it, inter alia, chameleon (marine), emerald and turquoise, were taken from the Love of Colors and Be with Nature collections, which is why these two collections can be used in the most interesting and original combinations.

In the presented photos, I certainly did not use all possible stylizations, so I am very curious about your Capsule, for the photo of which I will wait impatiently and if you let me put it on my website.

In the meantime, have a nice day!

Welcome to the world of KayBi!

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