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I have loved designing since I was a child, as when I was a few years old I used to draw clothes for paper dolls, which I would then cut out and fold with special outliers on the dolls I had cut out. Do any of you remember those cut-out plays from the 1970s? :-D

Then serious projects started, which were forged into the material, and since we were not particularly pampered by the market at the time, old sheets stolen from Mom’s underwear closet were a rarity — by the way, I’m sending my love to you, Mom, and to Dad’s T-shirts. Dad, I’m sending my love to you, too. Yes, it was me who was behind the mysterious disappearances of some your items ;-)

The person who was my inspiration and an absolute authority for me at that time — and it was the 1980s — was Barbara Hoff, who ran her company, Hoffland. To lay my hands on her works, you had to wait for half a night in front of the CENTRUM Department Stores and then fought to the last drop of blood. Thank you for that, Dad, because I myself, being underage, was not allowed to do this, but as soon as I became of age, I baldly picked up the baton :-)

When I put on these little wonders later, all I missed was their originality, as when I went out to the city, proud and pale, it turned out that I looked like every other girl. Hmm, not nice, I thought and went back home to work on my designs.

My independent and creative soul was inventing new clothes, and thanks to Auntie — by the way I’m sending you my love, Auntie – working in a diaper factory, I got a bale of cloth diapers — I’m going to get lost in daydreaming here for a while — I’m telling you, it was like paradise; at last unlimited access to raw material! Mom was happy, too, because there were no more mysterious disappearances.

The production started in full swing and the drawing, cutting, sewing, dyeing and painting began — by the way, I greet the coloured pots and pasta?! It was the painting that I liked the most — that’s why my dear arts teacher — by the way I’m send my regards to my arts teacher — directed me to visit the famous art shop on Mazowiecka Street, which has stood there to this day and where I bought acrylic paints for my fabrics. This is how I created the first original designs of my authorship. My friends still remember those designs today — by the way, I’m sending my love to all my Friends.

Then I started playing with texture, knitting and tried all kinds of appliqués. To this day, I still remember the scarf and soutache jumper embroidered with a plethora of buttons — which probably dated back to all the wars, including the two world wars — stored in Grandma’s box — by the way, I’m sending my love to you, Grandma, wherever you are.

I unexpectedly started to arouse interest among my high school mates, and, in particular, my history teacher, all of whom I’m sending my love to, by the way.

Did you draw your New Year’s Eve gown on the school board in front of the whole class? Because I did. More than that, unusually, each history lesson started with a talk about what I was wearing and there was not enough time for quizzing. Not bad, was it? ;-)

Naturally, as a result of this course of action I directed my steps towards the unsurpassed world of fashion and the coveted Academy of Fine Arts and its institute of industrial design.

When I was preparing my work for my portfolio, there was an unexpected twist in my life and my son was born to this world — by the way, I’m sending my love to you, Sweetheart — and history set a round table before my eyes, trumpeting to everyone that capitalism had arrived. I thought to myself that it was great news, as there would be no shortage of material, and there will be an abundance of products on store shelves.

Unfortunately, with the galloping hyperinflation and the development of capitalism, I was thrown into the whirlwind of great world business and instead of the Academy of Fine Arts, I went to SGH Warsaw School of Economics and its marketing department. To this day, I can’t help but be amazed at how bravely I overcame the meanders of work in advertising by gaining experience in the biggest publishing companies.

However, fashion and design have always been close to my heart, and this is perhaps why I spent seven long years working for Burda, which also had fashion connections, nomen omen. All the time I watched how our home and world fashion market fared and I admired the art of high quality tailoring.

Other publishers, bachelor’s and master’s degrees and later post-graduate studies and, of course, the family effectively distracted me from my passion, but inside, this little girl with her paper dolls was giving me no rest.

Therefore it wasn’t until years later, in 2016, that I decided to free this little girl and let her give vent to the artistic zeal which had accumulated in her.

From the beginning, I have financed the company from my own savings, staying away from all kinds of loans, as my mortgage itself was enough of a burden on me, which is not easy in the era of huge competition — by the way, I’m sending my regards to Competitors who are watching me closely, which is the highest compliment they can pay me, and it confirms my conviction that I am not to be afraid to go into this dark valley ;-)

From the start, I have focused on originality and uniqueness; hence the idea of a limited edition collection, and since I am a perfectionist, I pay particular attention to the details: buttons, zippers, threads and, of course, finishes, including hand-painting.

That’s why to celebrate the birth of my second child — my first professional collection — I painted my beloved poppies on one of the dresses, which remind me a little bit of myself — they succumb to gusts of wind, but then they are back to what they were like originally. Delicate yet strong, an indispensable attribute of Mother Nature — by the way, I’m sending my regards to Mother Nature, whom I support as much as I can whilst living in a big city and producing clothes.

As far as production is concerned, I work only with Polish producers to support our home market in this regard and thus stop the inflow of Chinese products flooding us – with all due respect for the Chinese people, whose history and culture I truly admire.

I prepare the construction and production of clothing with a company in Łódź. The ladies working there seem to have sucked tailoring art with their mothers’ milk. They select the accessories and threads with particular precision, so that the product is durable and pleasing for many years.

I hope that in my collections, which it takes a few months to prepare, you will see craftsmanship and production quality. Making such collections from knitted fabric is quite a challenge and we are the only ones who know what we are going through while creating them – but remember what I said about poppies ;-)

Because I like diversity by nature, my collections are multifunctional, colourful and striking. They are suitable for both business and other circumstances, especially those that occur immediately after work. My experience of many years of working in advertising comes in handy here, as I often had to attend various events after a hard day’s work events without any time to change my stylisation. That’s why I try to present a different approach to each of the models in the pictures, but in the end, it will be up to you to create your final image. Because I am aware that each of you is different and unique, I present my collection on different models.

Unfortunately, I know that even the best photo and presentation of different body figures and looks will never reflect how the outfit will look like in reality and how you yourself will look in it. That is why I created my Atelier, to which I cordially invite you. Sipping good coffee, tea, juice, water or enjoying a glass of wine you will be able to feel these clothes the way I feel them.

I have gone on at such length, but I wanted to bring you a little bit closer to me and show you that I am not a human being who’s come out of nowhere, which, in the age of internet illusions, is, in my opinion, a colossal matter.

I would like to invite you to contact me about clothing and more. But this I’ll say more of soon. See you in real life!


KayBi Atelier
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Adrianna M.
Adrianna M.
00:30 19 Nov 20
The service was amazing. I enjoyed so much visiting this place. The Fashionist - KayBi, made me feel like a movie star... by organizing a private fashion show together with alteration & valuable advice. Good champagne & snacks were not missed as well!All outfits I’ve purchased were already washed, so I can prove that there is no issue with the fabrics - even no iron needed.Strongly recommend this place as a very professional with a good atmosphere & optimistic attitude.Thank you!read more
Agnes Frandsen
Agnes Frandsen
21:14 13 Nov 20
I love Kaybi designs. The clothing is very versatile and well made.
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