Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020

Unfortunately, this Christmas will be different than before. We will not meet as every year in the family circle because we do not want to endanger our Seniors, whose health has already been sufficiently strained by the entire covid atmosphere :-(

Every year, at least a month before Christmas Eve, I would come up with decorations, trying to always have something different because I like to make surprises.
Perhaps because I love to taste world cuisines, I also do not stick to Christmas Eve dishes, so apart from traditional borscht, dumplings and cookies made by me myself, there were: beetroot cream, white vegetable cream with the addition of blue cheese and spinach, fish soup, zucchini spaghetti in tomato sauce, beetroot carpaccio with arugula, avocado and pomegranate fruit, marinated salmon tartare in lemon sauce and other delicious dishes. If you like any of these dishes, I will gladly send you a recipe … Unfortunately this year will be modest and a bit empty, unfortunately these are the times we have …

Unfortunately, there were no Christmas Eve meetings with friends, but there was a walk around the beautifully decorated Krakowskie Przedmieście street. Although we drove over an hour to find a parking space, it was worth it, which I hope is shown in the photos presented. I am curious about the decorations in your cities, maybe you would like to send some photos, I will gladly post them on the website and maybe we will make a map of Christmas decorations together, it would be very nice :-)

To somehow compensate for this unusual aura of Christmas, we go with our beloved dogs into the wilderness, calm down our nerves after this mega-shaken emotions of the year. It will probably be a bit sad, I hope that the weather will be fine and Mrs. Winter will pour a little snow :-)


As every year, as much as I can, I also fulfill the dreams of others.❤
This year my friend called me and told about her friends’ daughter suffering from a SMA, so I took part in a fundraiser and I hope that we will be able to collect the appropriate amount for her healing.

As I love animals, I also made a donation to several animal shelters, as usual and not only at this time of the year.

I will tell you honestly that I always feel much better if I can help others and I think that it is really worth helping, which I also encourage you to do. Even a small amount is valuable :-)

I greet you warmly and look forward to hearing from you :-)

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