The Za mundurem panny sznurem

The Za Mundurem Panny sznurem

ZA MUNDUREM PANNY SZNUREM (UNIFORMS HAVE WOMEN STREAMING) is a collection emphasising the change of classic roles of women and men, so it is a bit feminine and a bit masculine. I took inspiration for this collection from classic military uniforms, hence the names of the individual models. During the creation of this collection, the words of Halina Kunicka’s song rang in my ears all the time:

And in my head, the look of contemporary men happily sneaking around in pink shirts and colourful socks quickly flashed through my mind ;-) Not that I would like to criticise just how much the fashion and attitude of men to dress has changed. And what about women? Well, it’s just that more and more often they are at the helm of international corporations willing to dress men’s suits, ties, shirts and even shoes. It is on the grounds of all these changes that the trend called unisex has been created, in which I can happily include a collection of uniforms. To confirm this fact I would like to add that one gentleman who recently visited my atelier was most delighted with these uniforms. Of course it inspired me and probably soon I will design uniforms for gentlemen ;-)

What is the conclusion from this? Well, if you are a Businesswoman often finding yourself in the company of men, then definitely the collection of uniforms is a must for you.

The beautiful red of the Marsylianka, the deep navy blue of the Marinerka, the sweet ecru of the Marinesjerka or, finally, the graphite grey of the Pilotka are all classically elegant and timeless.

Thanks to a very elastic knitted fabric with the blend of 95% cotton and 5% lycra, the uniforms fit snugly to every body and the colour range also will suit every type of looks.

Welcome to the world of KayBi!

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