Something is sewing here

Something is sewing here

Designing clothes is my passion and my whole life. I design ready-made collections and on individual orders. The guiding principle when creating individual models are the needs of women and creating their original image as well as a sense of comfort and satisfaction with quality.

Before starting an individual project, I talk for a long time and recognize the client’s needs. We look at various models and analyze them in terms of her figure. I always try to match and properly expose the Personality of all. I believe that the best creation should not overshadow, but complement perfectly.

I analyze the concept of clothing for a long time in every aspect and often draw many times before its final idea is created.
The next stage is the search for raw materials, I always do it personally because I have to match the colorus with the design of the model and, above all, with the beauty of the client.

I am a perfectionist, so I attach great importance to the quality of both fabrics and sewing.

In the production of the fabric, I cooperate with the family company Dartex from Wola Zaradzyńska that meets the global safety standards confirmed by certificates. Sometimes we also cooperate in the production of colorus for my individual order. This is how the emerald of the Etnika, chameleon (marine) and marengo (optically very similar to woolen fabric) were created.

And last but not least, the stage of model construction, which is being created in a design studio in Łódź, in which ladies have a real school of tailoring in their blood.

Thanks to their phenomenal work, a prototype of the model is first made, made of substitute fabrics, because we cannot destroy the original fabrics from which the final creation will be sewn. Often times, a prototype is measured several times, adjusted and re-sewn. It is a very long verification process before the prototype is finally approved, but customer satisfaction is my priority.

In ready collections, after determining the prototypes, we make grading – transferring the approved prototype to individual sizes. Thanks to its very high flexibility, the fabric adapts to any type of figure, therefore the recently designed collections include three sizes S / M / L. The process of preparing one collection consisting of several models is about half a year of our work.

The presented photos show outfits for large and small celebrations, made of the highest quality fabrics such as: silk, chiffon, satin, taffeta, wool and cotton. If you like any of the projects, I invite you to visit my atelier, together we will prepare something really special!

Something is sewing here… – it is a step-by-step presentation of how individual models and collections are made.

Welcome to the world of KayBi!

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