I cordially invite you to watch the series of films on my Total Look channel with Kaybi.

In it, I will present a number of practical tips on styling clothes and matching them to the body in such a way as to bring out all the advantages and effectively hide any shortcomings.

All the advice is the result of my many years of thinking about clothes, which have been provided by the fashion industry for many years. I will suggest how to combine the colors so that they harmonize with the colors of the skin and hair. I will also present the best practices for creating a capsule wardrobe based on specific styles, prepared on the basis of my projects.

One of the presented series will also be fashion metamorphoses, to which I will invite willing ladies who will visit my atelier, take part in the video and show the stylizations I propose – metamorphosis. If you are interested in taking part in the metamorphosis, please contact me by phone 798 737 623 or at

I will also invite Polish niche fashion brands from the slow fashion category to cooperation, which will perfectly complement each other and thanks to which I will show Total Look. If you would like me to raise a specific topic, write to me at or call me on 798 737 623.

Best regards and have a nice day.