KayBi Art

I create the KayBi Art collection from fabrics painted by myself. It is not a computer-created print, but a handicraft created like a painting on canvas.
First, I paint the fabric and then a model designed by me is sewn from it.
In this collection, I create unique clothes made of cotton fabric and I guarantee that the paints do not wash off under the influence of washing and, additionally, they fix after ironing.
The photos show the models that have been made so far. It is possible to reproduce a given model to some extent, but because the designs are made by hand, no mapped model will ever look identical to the photo. The gamut of colors used will certainly be maintained, but the pattern arrangement and color shading may differ.
This is also what makes this collection unique, each model is one and only in the world, which additionally increases its value.
Models are made to order according to individual preferences and dimensions. I also allow a complete change of the concept or the establishment of an individual pattern from a given model.

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