50 shades of KayBi

Apparently, up to 10 seconds we do first impression, it would be difficult to make it verbally. In such a short time, we look at the face, silhouette and face again. Why on the face? Because it shows our emotions and reflects our personality, and these features make it the primary center of non-verbal communication.

It was the emotions of women that inspired me to create a collection of 50 shades of KayBi.

Because what I love the most about my job is definitely watching women’s reaction when they talk about their style, what they like and how they dress. When they just feel great and the greatest decoration blooms on their faces – a smile.

That is why I decided to create a collection that is characterized by humor, sex appeal, originality, prudent and romantic classics with a bit of perversity, as usual in my projects, elements of women’s and men’s fashion, but most of all JOY, self expression and showing that each a woman can look beautiful when she feels beautiful and LOVES herself.

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